Try it! Build Chou Mobile Legends Pain 2022 (Offlaner Version)

GridGames.ID – In 2022, the Most Effective Tactic (Meta) in a number of games began to change.

One of the most popular MOBA games in Southeast Asia is no exception, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Meta changes, of course, make some heroes start to be replaced.

However, there are also those who persist with the adaptation of the build items made.

One of the surviving heroes is Chou.

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The hero who has a stature like the Kung Fu legend, Bruce Lee is quite unique.

Initially, he was designed by Moonton as a hero with the Fighter role.

However, because damageis considered less lethal, many players turn it into a tank.

Now, with the latest Meta Hyper Carry, Chou is often used as an offlane hero.

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Even though he just got nerfed by Moonton, Chou can still be one of the deadliest heroes with the appropriate build items.

Well, this time GridGames will share recommendations for the latest Chou build offlane version.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the following brief review.


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