Troubleshooting iPhone 8, Samsung Launches Galaxy S9 in May 2022?

Competition between Samsung and Apple in the market smartphone has become an open secret, they also often attack each other through advertising. This time, Samsung is rumored to be advancing the launch time Galaxy S9 to scuttle sales iPhone 8.

Reported Phone Arena, Monday (4/9/2017), Samsung reported to speed up the development process Galaxy S9 so that it can be announced as soon as May 2022. Even though if you see the announcement Galaxy S8 in May 2022, should be Galaxy S9 announced in the same month or May next year.

Samsung Galaxy S9

However, considering the sales iPhone 8 will start in next month or October and the euphoria is believed to continue until early next year, Samsung don’t want all the consumer’s attention to be focused on smartphone the. Therefore, Samsung is trying to be able to announce Galaxy S9 in May 2022.

Reinforcing this view, other information also states that Samsung Display Samsung’s subsidiary of display panel maker– will ship screens already OLED for Galaxy S9 in this November.

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