Tricks to get Epic Granger skins at Agent Z event

Tricks to Get Epic Granger Skins at Agent Z Event Moonton will host another Epic Showcase event in October 2022. Earlier, Moonton announced a similar event in September 2022.

At the Epic Showcase event in September 2022, Kufra’s epic skin, called Volcanic Overlord, was unveiled. This time, Moonton introduces an interesting new epic skin.

Epic skins are owned by the marksman Hero Granger. Epic Granger Skin, who attended the Epic Showcase event, was named Agent Z and the skin theme was Pixel Games.

Agent Z Granger

However, unlike the Epic Showcase, which presents an Epic Kufraskin where you can get lottery tickets, there are no missions to get lottery tickets at this event.

However, it’s very difficult to get this epic ranger skin, as regular draws (not super draws) allow you to draw once a day for free.

Therefore, if you want to get an Epic Granger skin at this Agentz event, you will need to use 123 diamonds to get the Super Prize Guarantee.

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Granger Epic Skin Event

The trick is to draw only super draws that consume 123 diamonds every day. If you just draw the next day, the price of the diamond will increase to 200 diamonds after each draw.

The next day, it will be reset again and the required diamonds will return to 123 diamonds again. For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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