Tricks How to Play ‘Fortnite’ on Android Win Smoothly Without Lag

Some Tips and Tricks How to Play Fortnite on Android Without Ngelag Later the game was named “Fortnite” is being echoed by gamers because of its presence in the Mobile version on the iOS platform. Millions of people are getting impatient waiting for the official release for Android after watching the gameplay on iPhone via para streamers.

Some Tips and Tricks How to Play Fortnite on Android Without Tricks How to Play 'Fortnite' on Android Win Smoothly Without Lag

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game genre combination between Minecraft and PUBG when combined.

In Fortnite, they offer free types of games with a 100-player mode Player vs Player (PvP) Battle Royale. Almost like PUBG Mobile, you will be taken to a large island map.

You also have to prepare for battle and survive longer than other opponents or players in the game. But in Fortnite, you always start with an ax that can be used as a melee weapon or to find supplies of materials such as for building walls, ramps, and charity areas like Minecraft.

This of course adds an extra layer of strategy to the format, making for an essentially addictive action game that’s fun to watch.

Oh, speaking of hurricanes all the action takes place in a pretty big electric typhoon meaning you can’t just crouch and hide the game. You have to keep moving and playing.

How to Play Fortnite?

Every battle there will be 100 players involved, yes just like PUBG. Your goal is to be the last person standing in each game.

You will start the battle by jumping from a fighter plane and parachuting into an island with a large map (Large Map).

Once you land on the island, you have to loot nearby buildings and look for items, weapons, ammunition to defend yourself and attack other players.

You also have to keep an eye on the map / map, because every few minutes a typhoon will cover the entire playing area.

If you get caught in a storm, you can slowly progress so you shouldn’t forget to check regularly where you are on the map.

In the end, the game narrowed down to a small area for the final battle between the remaining players in the battle – there is only one winner.

Some Tips and Tricks How to Play Fortnite on Android Without Tricks How to Play 'Fortnite' on Android Win Smoothly Without Lag

Unlike PUBG when you are allowed to carry more than two weapons at once. In Fortnite, equipment you are limited when fighting fewer numbers and must be more careful what items to bring.

Some weapons have identity colors proving they are quite rare to acquire.

  1. The color gray means easy to get.
  2. And the highest color is Orange, meaning the rarest and best.

Then there is the element Crafting. Each player starts with tools that can be used as close-range self-defense aids or used to chop down trees and destroy functional buildings in search of resource materials or resources.

You can then use natural resources and materials to construct a large building. Whether it’s building a large wall to block the enemy from arriving at the base. Build a set of stairs to the second floor of a building or sniper tower, to shoot at opposing players from various directions on the map.

Resources what you can afford will determine its strength. Steel is stronger than bricks, and wood is the weakest.

When is it Available on Android?

In recent months Fortnite was previously available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The game Fortnite for Android is coming out soon but now only available in version soft launch, meaning that it cannot be enjoyed by the public and only for developers invited only. Will be updated when it becomes available.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty from the developer when Fortnite for Android will be officially released to the public. But the developer of this game, Epic Games Poland has promised as soon as possible the release is done in a few months.

We try and do our best for the best results. So when it is available to the public, users will really enjoy the beautiful and attractive gameplay without any obstacles.said Epic Games developer Darren Sugg.

Play Without Lag

If you find a notification that reads something like: “Please check your network and try again.” This means that the internet connection is not sufficient. Please change providers or use Wifi which is at least a stable network if it is not fast.

Free to Play?

Epic Games has so far released games with the PvP Battle Royale genre for free for all platforms including the Mobile version on iOS and Android. While the paid mode is also in the version console by the name “Save The World” as well as “Player vs Environment (PvE)“.

Save The World tends to resemble Minecraft. When you have a lot resources and store loot to survive waves of enemies based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a sort of tower defense style.

PvE Mode will not be available on Fortnite Mobile for iOS. And frankly, it’s the PvP mode that everyone is crazy about.

However, the iOS version has IAP (In-App-Purchase / paid in-app) to buy equipment and other items including modifying player characters.

So far Fortnite on iOS has grossed over a billion US dollars in less than three days since its release according to a report from Sensor Tower.

So as an answer, you can spend money in the game Fortnite on Android if you want to modify the character, but overall this game is free to play. Yes, like Mobile Legends, if you need diamonds, you can buy them, no want yes no need.

Epic Games has indicated that Fortnite will soon be Bluetooth-enabled controller (later able to use the joystick), but while the user can only take advantage of the Touchpad feature.

Are Various Platforms Available?

So far, Epic Games has also indicated that you can play Fortnite across platforms later. It just doesn’t seem like it’s available for BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone, which in fact have been deserted until now discontinued.

Now, profiles in the Fortnite game can be connected to social media and other platforms so you can migrate or add statistics as long as you are still connected to the game.

Don’t worry about incompatibility between one mobile player on PC server and player console. If you play solo online on HP, you can only fight other HP players, not against players who use PC or console.

Then if you join a squad with friends from other platforms, then the squad will be matched with a multi-platform population. Basically making cross-platform users will meet each other.

Tricks How to Play Fortnite on Android to run smoothly without other lags will follow. Meanwhile you can create an account at Epic Games and play other games from the developer.

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