Traveling to Japan During Covid-19? Ikuzo Minna

Traveling to Japan During Covid-19? Ikuzo

Hello Mobidachi? Still #Stayathome, right? The Mobileague Otaku Team is still working (read: watching anime, playing games and chatting) from home. But sometimes we get bored with the same routine at home. This time, the Otaku Mobileague team will invite you to travel to Japan during Covid-19. Yes, you read correctly, we will travel to Japan, but virtually hehehe, the main problem is that traveling to Japan at this time does not necessarily get an entry visa.

Okay then let’s just start with the first step of traveling to Japan during our Covid-19. Prepare yourselves, Mobidachi!

Strolling the Streets of Shibuya at Night

The first thing we can do is take a virtual walk of course. You can walk the streets of Shibuya at night, enjoy the snow in Saitama, or breathe the fresh air of the morning in Asakusa. We will do this journey through videos that have been uploaded by channels that focus on showing the atmosphere of the city, without narration, without a host.

One of the recommended channels from the Otaku Mobileague team is the Rambalac channel, Nipon Wandering TV and also Tokyo Street View. The advantage of these channels is that the image quality is very high resolution, with 4k standards and some even up to 8k. In addition, the audience will also immediately focus on the atmosphere that was recorded at that time, without any interference from either the host or the presenter or other activities.

Photos on Instagramable locations

The second destination of Traveling to Japan During Covid-19 is to see photos in instagramable locations. Photographs taken by photographers who have dedicated themselves to the world of portrait photography will certainly produce quite impressive works. The composition of the photo will certainly spoil the eyes and make the heart want to go to that place even more, of course after this epidemic problem is over.

There are several Instagram accounts that you can follow to quench your thirst for the beauty of Japan. You can check below

Traveling to Japan During Covid-19
Traveling to Japan During Covid-19

Netflix and Chill

After enjoying the city atmosphere and the cool shots, it’s time to relax by watching Japanese-themed events. You can enjoy various choices, from Anime, Japanese Drama, Tokusatsu to Japanese music shows. These events are now very easy for us to enjoy from Indonesia. Either in an official or illegal way, but we will not discuss this in depth. It’s just that by witnessing it officially means that we support the industry to continue to grow and survive.

Traveling to Japan During Covid-19
Traveling to Japan During Covid-19

We can enjoy the programs above from the existing Cable TV channels, there are many that provide this service. Even tv channels like netflixx and crunchy roll also provide shows like this, anime, drama, movies and others. Besides that, you can also enjoy old school tokusatsu shows from Youtube, because Toei Releases a Youtube channel to publish their old school films.

Ngegacha or play Sega

Games are very close to Japan, from console games to gacha games which are currently a trend in various circles. Mobidachi can play a large number of gacha games. You can also play beat and rhythm themed games like Osu, love live idol or bang dream. Be careful, because these games are very addictive.

Traveling to Japan During Covid-19

Snack pretty or eat Japanese food

After we are tired of activities, we can immediately beat them by eating and drinking with a Japanese theme. You can snack first or just look for Japanese food. You can use a food order application to order it, for example a matcha drink with takoyaki, or udon from a ramen restaurant.

Traveling to Japan During Covid-19

If you like cooking, you can make several types of simple Japanese dishes, such as Bento and Curry. You can make Bento from simple ingredients such as sausage, rice, seaweed and eggs. As for the curry, you can make it using ready-made block curry. Curry filling only needs potatoes, carrots, onions and also beef or chicken.

Traveling to Japan During Covid-19

If you are good at it, you can also try to make food from the food in the Anime.

Virtual Online Events

Covid-19 is not a barrier if you want to attend an event, but make sure the event you attend is an online (or virtual) event. One of the things you can take part in is the event from the Anime Festival Asia yesterday as an example. The AFA UNITED event which was broadcast through the youtube channel presented various big names of artists who made the event even more exciting.

You can also try to find online event schedules from artists in Japan through the zaiko website. Zaiko is a ticketing service provider platform for events, which currently leads to live streams and online.

That’s a little information about Traveling to Japan During Covid-19, how are all Mobidachi interested in joining?

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