Top 5 Mobile Games That Will Be Released in 2022

The year 2022 has ended and changed to 2022, along with the passing of the year more and more new mobile games will soon appear. After I did a little research, there will be at least 5 new mobile games that are worth waiting for my friend Mobileague. Curious what games? Let’s see the list below.

Release date: May 2

Fans of franchise Fire Emblem will definitely be very happy to hear that mobile games Fire Emblem The long awaited one will be released soon. This strategy RPG game will bring two warring kingdoms directly to your smartphone and tablet. And you “summoners”, need to build an army by summoning heroes from characters Fire Emblem Series which you may already know well. Challenging tactical battles combined with original characters but still easy to play, make this game worth trying when it’s released later.

Nintendo say:

“Some hero characters will become allies, while others will become enemy generals and will fight against you.”

Ahead of the release, friends Mobileague You can also participate in the “Choose Your Legends” event on the official website Fire Emblem. At the event, you can choose which favorite character you want to see specifically when the game releases later. For those of you who participate and connect with Nintendo Account, then you will get 200 Platinum Points that goes directly into the account My Nintendo.

Release date: TBA

Created and developed using Unreal Engine 4, Blade II It is without a doubt one of the most visually stunning mobile games that are worth waiting for. And luckily, mobile games hack and slash it has been confirmed to be released globally soon.

Reports also say that the previous game Blade: Sword of Elysio (which was released in 2014) has managed to set a record 126 million downloads and is expected Blade II can exceed that record.

Release date: TBA

Wildfire Ex is the mobile version of PC MOBA Wildfire created and developed by NetEase Games originating from China. Unlike the MOBA version, the mobile version is more focused on PvE than PvP. So for friends Mobileague competitive spirit, hmm looks like this game is a little less suitable.

It is also reported that the mobile version of the game will improve the visual quality and be rich in gameplay content which aims to match or exceed the quality of the PC and console versions. Games Wildfire Ex it’s time for now closed beta in China. For those of you who are curious, you can watch the video gameplaybelow.

Release date: TBA

Icarus Mobile is an MMO game that focuses on action and epic battles made using Unreal Engine 4. Many light effects are used in this game so that this game has better visuals than the PC version.

The flying feature is still an important part of this game, but for the mobile version, you can’t fly and explore like in the game open world. You can only fly when going on missions from misi stage one to stage another.

Release date: TBA

Orca Project is a game created by NCSoft and will be released soon this year. Currently there is very little information about this game. Even in snippets trailersitself does not show gameplay the truth, but NCSoft promise that this game will display the best graphics more than you can imagine for the size of a mobile game.

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