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Colonicle as a new FPS VR Mobile own various game modes which can be played. However, rather than that, to become a reliable player, choosing the right weapon with the right play style is the key to mastering the fight. This itself is proven by several players who specify certain Colonicle weapons that managed to make them score quite high on Colonicle Indonesia’s first tournament last weekend. Well, for this opportunity, we will discuss the top 5 weapons which are favorites and proven to be the most effective in winning the Colonicle battle? Let’s see one by one.

Basic But Quite Useful

colonicle-01 . gun

At rank 5, surprisingly the General Rifle is actually more useful than some of the existing special weapons. With consistency of fire, although this weapon is actually ordinary, it can contribute more to kills with the key in its use being in the player’s own strategy and position. For example, by placing yourself in the upper area near the center area, and doing a cover technique, if you are already used to playing Colonicle, when all players gather in the middle area and shoot each other, you can do an invisible attack from a high position. But again, the effectiveness of this basic Colonicle weapon depends on the play patterns of other players as well, so if the strategy mentioned above will not be very effective if everyone does it.

If they get together, blow them up!

colonicle-02 . gun

Grenade launchers are useful when carrying out long-range attacks, and at first there was a debate between Destroyer and Zeus, which one is better, but again regarding fire power, Destroyer is superior to Zeus, so even though it can’t knock out EMP like Zeus, Destroyer will certainly be more powerful. useful, because it’s still the beginning of the current situation of the Colonicle game and the meta game hasn’t exactly appeared in the future. The effectiveness of this Colonicle weapon itself is very useful if used in the opponent’s base, directly on an opponent who has just respawned, so of course it gives an advantage for your team to finish off the opponent faster. With a fairly large range and high destructive power, it would be great if used in situations where several enemies respawn at the same time.

Colonicle Weapons For Expert Players

gun colonicle-03

Reaper occupies the third position because although the destructive power it provides is the highest among all other weapons, its use is still limited because not everyone can. However, for those who are used to it, one hit kill is certainly not a difficult thing. The Reaper’s power can be very prominent at the beginning of the match for players who are used to it. Proven from Colonicle Indonesia’s First Tournament yesterday, sniper rifle users who are used to being able to contribute the most kills in matches. Of course, if they were to be pushed once their position was found, they would lose their effectiveness quite a bit. So, it is very important for the users of this Colonicle weapon to keep their distance and be assisted by the theme of their fellow team.

Fast in pushing

gun colonicle-04

With the speed of bullets released, Rapiduo occupies the second best position as a Colonicle weapon. Although the damage dealt is less and the distance is also shorter, this weapon is one of two weapons that are suitable for pushing opponents into corners. For skilled players, the use of this weapon in combination with the General rifle is a deadly combination, because players will move quickly, confusing the enemy, which in VR games of course relies heavily on your senses of hearing and vision, resulting in a distortion effect.

Strong in pushing

colonicle-05 . gun

And occupying the top position for the Colonicle weapon is the Kraken. Indeed, in terms of firepower, the Valkyrie is superior, but if you look at it again, with only two magazines, it means that in using the Valkyrie it will require more reloading than the Kraken which can do that every 5 shots. With both of them having close range of use to the enemy, Kraken feels superior because players can deal more attacks before finally retreating temporarily to reload. With more attacks, players can push their enemies into corners and that’s why the Kraken is one of two weapons that are suitable for the task.

And that’s him Mobidachi, our top 5 Colonicle weapon. What do you think of those who have played Colonicle? What are your top 5 Colonicle weapons? Come on, write it in the comments column. For those of you who have never tried this game, let’s download it immediately at this link COLONICLE, and feel the excitement. This game itself can be played without VR, but the excitement will feel more if you use VR. Anyway, try and write down, what do you think is the best weapon in this Colonicle, ok? That’s it for this article and follow us for other articles about Colonicle. See you.

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