Top 10 Google Searches During 2022

On December 13, 2022 Google has hosted an event Google Year in Search by theme ‘Looking Back at 2022 via Google Search‘.

The event which was held at The Warehouse – Plaza Indonesia was attended by Tony Keusgen, Country Director Google Indonesia which will provide an insight into the search trends of netizens during 2022.

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Here’s the Google Trending List in 2022

Google in Year 2022

Google in Year 2022

The Google trending in Indonesia in 2022 there are 9 categories, including Most Popular Searches, Figures, National Events, International Events, Celebrities, Songs, What Is…, How to Be… and Recipes

Here’s a List Google Trends in each category:

1. Top Searches

2. Characters

3. National Events

4. International Events

5. Celebrities

6. Song

7. What is it..

8. How To Be..

9. Recipe

Wow!! Congratulations to the winners hehe

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