Too Tight! These are 5 countries that block YouTube

As previously discussed, one of the the countries with the fastest connections are South Korea and Japan. So, don’t be surprised, guys, if in that country the internet package price is cheap. That’s why there is one of the countries with the most expensive internet packages in the world.

With such a fast connection, it is certain in that country to open the YouTube site more smoothly and quickly. Eits, but did you know before? If it turns out that there are countries that block YouTube without any clarity.

Well, here are countries that have blocked the YouTube site for a very silly reason!

Here are the Countries Blocking YouTube for Unclear Reasons!

Oh yes, even though the following countries block the YouTube site, you can still open it by following the steps on how to open a government-blocked site using a VPN.

1. China

Countries That Block YouTube

China Negara

The country that blocked the first YouTube site was China. This country is located in East Asia and the capital city of China is Beijing. Oh yes, as we all know, guys, China is one of the countries that does not adhere to a democratic system, but is communist.

Therefore, the information disseminated in this country must first be filtered by the Government. Therefore, China decided to block YouTube in 2007 and was reopened in 2008. However, in 2009 China again decided to block YouTube.

Even though in China you can’t access YouTube, by using a VPN application and connecting to the Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau networks. Oh yes, in this country there is also a Chinese live streaming application that is similar to YouTube.

2. Brazil

Countries That Block YouTube


The country that blocked the second YouTube was Brazil. Brazil is the country with the most population in the world. Brazil is located in the easternmost part of the American continent and is bordered by the Ades Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the unfortunate things about this country is that it blocks the YouTube site, guys. The beginning of the blocker started from the scandalous video of Daniela Cicarally as a beautiful model in Brazil.

Daniela wants her sexy videos removed by YouTube. Then the Government even blocked the YouTube site in Brazil, to simultaneously avoid the dangers of watching porn on YouTube.

3. Iran

Countries That Block YouTube

Iran Negara

The countries that block the third YouTube site are Iran. The country of origin of the Middle East is located in Southwest Asia, guys. Oh yes, this country also has the full name of the Islamic Republic of Iran and was inaugurated in 1979.

Reportedly, in Iran the YouTube site was blocked, guys, in 2009, then the government lifted the block. However, in 2022 the Iranian government again blocked YouTube because of the film Innocence of Muslims, which is one of the most controversial action films.

4. Venezuela

Countries That Block YouTube

Venezuelan country

The fourth YouTube blocking country is Venezuela. This Venezuelan country is located at the northern tip of the South American continent and is directly adjacent to the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This country is reportedly experiencing an economic downturn, guys.

One of them is the drop in oil prices in 2022. Well, to censor the opposition from the economic downturn in this country. The Venezuelan government blocks its citizens from accessing YouTube. Not only that, the government also blocked Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

5. North Korea

Countries That Block YouTube

North Korea

The country that blocked the last YouTube site was North Korea. The country which has the full name of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DRC) can also be shortened to North Korea, guys. This country is located in the eastern part of Asia.

Maybe you already know, guys, that in North Korea the government regulations are very strict. This is because the Government wants to isolate its country from the outside world or what we call oritarian.

Well, in this country the Government forbids all residents to use social media applications including YouTube, Instagram, Fabeook and also Twitter. Reportedly, if you try to access the site, you will be subject to a very scary penalty.

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