Toge Productions Presents a Mobile Game Adapted to the Webtoon ‘Coffee, Come on!’

Toge Production through funding initiative (TGFI) finally launched one mobile games which was adapted from one of the famous Webtoons native to Indonesia, Coffee, Come on! produced by local developers UNIQX Studio.


In June 2022, Toge Productions held a program funding initiative which funds six developers from Southeast Asia, and Indonesia is one of them.

After almost a year has passed, games The first of this program was finally launched with the title Coffee, Come on! which is available at Google Play Store.

If you are a comic reader from platform Webtoon and feel familiar with the name, you’re not wrong because Coffee, Come on! indeed adapted from the genre Webtoon Slice of Life the.

Coffee, Come on! is a webtoon comic by Sisfafa and Romy Hernadi which is favored by the people of Indonesia because the story is very thick with social life in the country.

Besides, many quotes inspirational from Mr. Gundul as the owner of the coffee shop in the Webtoon who can answer the concerns of most Indonesians.

About Games Coffee, Come on!

Like his Webtoon comics, Coffee mobile game, Come on! invite player to experience how difficult it is to be a coffee shop owner in the suburbs of Indonesia.

Games this is mandatory player to serve a variety of coffee drinks according to customer orders. Of course, all orders must be served quickly if you don’t want customers to be disappointed.

Not just ‘serving coffee’, Coffee game, Yuk also present story on the customer. In addition, the achievement that you can achieve is to open new drinks for the next customers.

You don’t need to doubt the quality of Coffee game, Come on! because UNIQX Studio has received training from the program mentoring held by Toge Productions.

In that training, UNIQX Studio got mentoring about how to make games good, start from finish Minimum Viable Products (MVP), UI/UX design, development gameplay, balancing gamehow to provide a good experience when first playing, and much more.

Sisifafa and Romy Hernadi as author from Coffee, Come on! thank Toge Productions so that games adapted from their comics can be present on the market and played at any time as mobile games.

Second author This also said that they learned many lessons from this TGFI program, such as paying attention to details that they had never done before.

Both Sisifafa and Romy hope that the TGFI program from Toge Productions can continue to run and develop games made by local developers.

For those who are curious about Coffee game, Come on!you can go straight to the Google Play Store and play it right now, you know!

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