Today’s Meta Season 19 Mobile Legends Hero Tierist!

This is Meta Season 19’s latest Mobile Legends Hero Tierist!

Mobile Legends Hero Tierist Is the hero who likes to enter the fighting & rank META most, and the hero who does not sell at all.

The following hero layers are Tear– –S + To Tear– –C However, this time around, we’ll cover the transition from hero tier s + to tier a +. Because the heroes in that tier are popular in the current meta.

This hero tierist is also divided into roles based on the role of the hero itself, starting with assassins, tanks, support, and more.

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You can quickly see your current hero tier list or hero meta from the photos provided by SPIN Esports below.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Make sure Benedetta, Natalia, Esmeralda, etc. are at the top, based on the website, which frequently updates the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero list.

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That’s because they are the most OP heroes at the moment, subscribing to tires and pick fights by mobile legends players.

Tier S, on the other hand, is just as popular, but probably full of powerful heroes, the second-priority heroes for players.

The list includes names such as Jawhead, Lapu-lapu, Yu Zhong, Lancelot, and Claude.

Hero of Frenner Meta Season 19 mlbb

If you want to see the entire hero tier list, you can view it directly from the link below:

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