Today Begins! Know This Hanyo No Yashahime Info First Before Watching!

With the eagerly awaited sequel to the Inuyasha series starting this afternoon, here’s a little info on Hanyo no Yashahime that you need to know and will help you understand the story faster. What is it? Come read more below.

Moroha Is Not Hanyo

Even though Moroha is part of the Half-demon princess trio, based on the Hanyo no Yashahime info released on twitter, Moroha is not a Hanyo, but a Shihanyo. A race born from the marriage of a Hanyo and a human, the name Shihanyo itself when viewed from the written kanji can mean a quarter of youkai. But this isn’t a bad thing because Moroha himself, apart from inheriting the power of Inuyasha’s youkai, also inherited the power of a spirit Miko owned by Kagome.

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In addition, one thing to note is that Moroha’s full black hair color indicates that his human blood is more dominant, and is unlikely to be affected by Saku no Hi (New Moon Day), which will make a Hanyo lose his youkai powers. With this it can be concluded that Setsuna will be the same as Moroha, but for Towa herself, with her white hair, it can be seen that her Youkai blood is more dominant, so it is very likely that she will be affected by Saku no Hi.

What are the abilities of the Yashahimes?

As already written in the first article, both Moroha and Setsuna work as demon slayers. As for Moroha himself, based on the information obtained by Hanyo no Yashahime, he is very skilled at doing this job, so he is a regular customer for Shikabaneya, a place where the heads of slain Yokai can be exchanged for money. Of course it was possible for Moroha to do this job since he himself was protected by Hinezumi no Koromo which was used by Inuyasha, and has a Kouryuha move that can be used with his sword, Kurikaramaru.

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However, not only that, Moroha will also be a master of arrows where he will be able to cast moves Tenkuu no Yabusuma which gives spirit power to the arrows it shoots. The arrow itself will divide itself into many without leaving the slightest gap. Of course, this is a very powerful move, and makes him a fairly respected demon slayer.

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From Moroha, we move on to the twins, but because Towa’s abilities have been discussed in previous articles, then the info on Hanyo no Yashahime this time will discuss Setsuna’s abilities. As previously noted, Setsuna’s mainstay weapon will be a Naginata named Kanemitsu no Tomoe, which will be able to issue a move”Muretachi no Tsubame“. However, one more move that the audience will be able to see is “Senpuujin(Whirlwind God), where he will spin Kanemitsu no Tomoe and produce a tornado that will defeat his enemies. With this, does it mean that Setsuna will use the wind element more in her moves?

The final boss in this series is Ne no Kubi?

Youkai, which is the beginning of the problem in Hanyo no Yashahime, can be interpreted as Root Demon and it has been mentioned in the circulating trailer. Even though he was defeated by Inuyasha and his friends, this youkai, which is the neck of a tree youkai, managed to use its ability to absorb the power of the living things it was wrapped around and do that to Jidaijyu (Tree of Ages) or what fans know better as Goshinboku (The Sacred Tree). This causes a time portal to open and brings Towa to the present, and later opens the way for Setsuna and Moroha as well.

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One more theory regarding the disappearance of Inuyasha and his friends seems to have something to do with what Ne no Kubi did. So with this, it can be estimated that Ne no Kubi itself will appear again when the story approaches the final arc. However, the possibility of becoming the final boss would be quite doubtful, given the involvement of a Yokai named Yotsume, which seemed to move to manipulate events. Does he work alone, or is someone else behind him? This is one thing we will see in future episodes.

Supporting Cast In This Series

Towa itself, based on the information of Hanyo no Yashahime that has been circulating, will be found by Sota, the younger brother of Kagome, in front of Goshinboku. Sota and his wife Moe, who is a violinist, finally adopted Towa because they had no children at the time. But not long ago, finally Mei, Sota’s biological child was born. The four of them at the beginning of the series will live in an apartment that is still close to the Higurashi shrine.

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As explained in the first Hanyo no Yashahime info, a forest fire separates Towa and her twin sister Setsuna. Setsuna herself who lost her memory will join Youkai Taijiya who are in charge of eradicating yokai and collecting bones and skin to be used as weapons and armor they use. One of them of course is Hiraikotsu used by Sango in the Inuyasha series. For Hanyo no Yashahime itself, Hiraikotsu will be used by Hisui who is the son of Sango and Miroku.

One more Hanyo no Yashahime Info that you need to know!

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One more information about Hanyo no Yashahime that you need to know is the existence of an artifact called Niji Iro Shinjyuu (7 Colors Pearl). Apart from being written as an item that can increase the ability of a Youkai, there is no other information that explains how important this item is in this series. Will this artifact be a replacement for the Shikon no Tama which holds the core of the story in the first series? We’ll see when Hanyo no Yashahime starts the series.

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