To view the link to add a friend code on LINE @ Official

LINE released the line @ application to make it easier for users to create official accounts online. Any line user can easily create an official account online and even create more than 1 for free. The benefits of setting up an official liner account can be used to promote our community, business, and more.

line @ is very useful for business people, communities or those who want to have an official account to exchange information

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To officially see the code link for the add friend button on LINE @, do the following:

1. Go to page in a computer browser.

2. Enter your e-mail address and your password for line @.

To open @LINE Official from the desktop computer 1

3. Confirm the code to be entered. If it was not sent, resend it by clicking “Receive Verification Code”.

How to open @LINE Official from desktop computer 2

4. Open the email registered for your line to confirm the code.

How to open @LINE Official from a desktop computer 1.5

5. Select an active line @ official account.

How to open @LINE Official from desktop computer 3

6. Select the settings menu
line officially add friends 1

7. Scroll down for information about the Add Friend button and QR code code

Officially add friends to line

8. Copy the code onto your blog or website.

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