To set the text size on HP Realme

The author will provide a tutorial on how to adjust the text size on a Realme phone. The author used Smartphone Realme C2 so that this tutorial can be applied Smartphone Another realm. This is useful for those of you who have eyesight problems, cannot see writing or small text, or are feeling lazy scroll down to read text like messages due to the size of the text.


1. Open the main menu Smartphone your android.

2. Open the Settings app.

3. Press Screen & Brightness.

4. Press Font Size.

5. Set your own text size according to your wishes or needs. When the text is measured, the size of the text changes automatically.

6. Here are the results. You can see the change in text size after you set the text measurement on your Realme phone.

7. Done.

This allows you to take your own text measurements for the screen display on your Realme phone, e.g. For reading the news, forums, discussions, questions and answers, etc. Measure the text that fits and is easy on your eyes to see. Usually for those of you who have eye problems namely nearsightedness / nearsightedness or cylinders so you cannot see all text sizes, especially small text sizes.

This is a tutorial on how to adjust the text size on a Realme phone, good luck.

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