To set the prayer plan alarm to LINE

For more than 2 years, the LINE Ramadan feature (in the LINE Social Media App) has always accompanied Muslims when they worship. The functions provided contain various general (and specific) information about worship activities in the month of Ramadan. Sometimes LINE Ramadan also offers interesting additional functions such as a fasting calendar for quizzes (/ useful information) Prices related to the religion of Islam (as well as the privileges of the month of Ramadan).

One of the interesting features added to LINE Ramadan (this year) is the ability for the user to set a prayer plan alarm in the LINE application. Later, when prayer time comes, a notification (/ message) will be displayed to let you know that prayer time has started.

In this article, we are going to try to set a prayer plan alarm with the LINE Ramadan feature on the LINE platform.


1. Open the LINE app, then go to the More page (represented by the three-dot logo). After you have accessed the More page, Select the LINE Ramadan option It’s in the lower left corner of the More Feature Options. Later we will be redirected to the LINE Ramadan page.

2. On the LINE Ramadan page, immediately on the right banner Page, Click the Review Prayer Plan button. Later we will be referred to a page relating to the time of worship in the month of Ramadan.

3. After calling up the appropriate page, we are asked to enter our province and our place of residence. When you have entered the requested information, Click the Save Location button to confirm the place of our worship.

4. After you have determined the location of your worship, LINE will immediately provide brief information about the plan of prayer (and Imsak) according to the specified location. It should be noted that the alarm function / notification was automatically activated during church service times.

5. To set a prayer alarm (depending on user requirements), Click the Set Prayer Alert button which is located at the bottom of the application page.

6. We can adjust the prayer alarm settings by removing (/ adding) a check mark in the column. Check box which was provided. As for everyone Check box represents the time at which the alarm sounds in the LINE application.

7. When the worship time comes, LINE will automatically give you a short message (/ notification) about the current worship time. The prayer time message will only be displayed if we have activated the alarm in the standard function of the previous LINE Ramadan.

This is a tutorial on how to set a prayer plan alarm on LINE. Hope it’s useful.

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