To send files to an email account without logging in

At a time like today, 99 percent of the world’s population, including Indonesia, needs an email or better known as E-mail. E-mail has many functions, including the verification process, receiving notifications, and sending messages Files.

Especially the last point that sends Files, sometimes we are lazy to open an account E-mail for some reason. Actually send Files without going through E-mail it can be done very easily as long as we know how.

For everyone who wants to send Filesbut lazy to open an account E-mail, please follow the tutorial below to find out how.


1. Open WeTransfer and then click on I agree.

2. Enter Files that you want to send in add your files.

3. Enter the address E-mail Receiver on email to, and please enter the address E-mail you in Your email. As for message is optional, can be filled in or not.

4. If everything is OK, please click Transfer.

5. This is what it looks like Files submitted successfully.

6. To download it, please click Get your files.

7. You will be redirected to the WeTransfer site, please click download.

8th. file downloaded successfully and the process is complete.

The above tutorial works very well if you are using public computers such as school computers, offices, or internet cafes. By using WeTransfer, you don’t have to worry Files is not sent, because if you click on “Send”, within seconds Files already sent.

Here is a guide on how to send it Files without Sign up Be accountable E-mail. Hope it’s useful.

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