To resume interrupted downloads on IDM

Internet Download Manager is an application that performs the download of a file downloaded from the Internet, although almost all browsers or Browser have Download managerbut Internet Download Manager makes download speed faster and easier for those of you who want to pause your download process and resume it later.

And at times you have surely experienced the download process which cannot continue on that note Url Your download is complete expired, in general, other people will download it from the start, but in fact, you can continue your download at the same percentage just by changing Url Your download.

So go ahead download in separate IDM or Error.


1. Make sure you have a download process that cannot continue, double click your download in the app Internet download manager.

2. Then you copy after Text field Recommender and you open it in a browser / Browser She.

3. Then download the file as usual.

4. When the file download process starts, copy it Url Your new download and stop new download.

5. Then return to the application Internet download manager and double click on your download, the Error.

6. Then you are Insert Url that you copied earlier and click the button OK.

7. Then you are continue Download process.

8. Done.

Remarks: Assure yourself Url existing downloads Text field see after Url that you used when you first downloaded the file.

If you do not resume the download in step 7, you will have to download the file from the beginning.

So it goes on download separated in the IDM. Hope it’s useful.

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