To restrict devices connected to hotspots on HP Vivo

The author will provide a tutorial on how to limit hotspot connected devices on an HP Vivo. This is useful for restricting the creation of hotspots that are connected across multiple other devices to prevent internet speeds from slowing down due to too many connected devices. This action can also prevent eavesdropping Smartphone You who can compromise your identity if your identity is stolen or hacked by people tapping through the beam of a WiFi signal. Especially for people who like to ask you about a hotspot to access the internet.


1. Open the main menu Smartphone your android.

2. Open the Settings app.

3. Tap Personal Hotspot

4. Tap Number of Connections Allowed.

5. Select the option you want for the connected device restriction value.

6. Here are the results.


So you can put restrictions on devices that are connected to the hotspot on the internet Smartphone Vivo that you specified. This can prevent something undesirable from happening, be it internet data quota capacity or hotspots Smartphone If you have the ability to eavesdrop, your identity will definitely be abused for eavesdropping purposes, such as B. for cards, disguises, fraud, etc.

Therefore. How to limit devices connected to hotspots on HP Vivo. Much luck.

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