To remove access to third-party apps on a Google Account

The majority of internet users around the world have a Google Account, as we can access other applications such as YouTube, Google Drive or Google My Business with a Google Account.

Not only do we make it easier for us to access other Google applications, but we also make it easier for us to access various services or applications using just one Google account.

However, you need to know that associating a Google account with certain services or applications is not recommended as it is very dangerous if certain services or applications can steal the data we have available to us.

What data was stolen?

1. Basic profile information (name, address E-mail, Profile picture).

2. Information in the Google account (displaying contacts, photos, Playlists Youtube).

The stolen data is usually sold to third parties for business purposes. Google itself just experienced a leak of 500,000 user data in October 2022, which then led to the closure of Google Plus.

It is quite unfortunate how such a large and posh company as Google can experience a data leak. But it turns out that there is a great wisdom behind it all, in which internet users understand the importance of protecting their data.

Those of you who have a Google Account definitely don’t want to experience a data leak, do you? If you don’t want to experience any data leaks, you should remove access to third-party apps in your Google Account.


1. Sign in to your Google account.

2. Open shortcut

3. You will find several applications that can access your Google Account.

4. Select all or one of the applications that you no longer want to access by clicking Remove Access.

5. The process is complete.

How to remove third-party app access to the Google Account. Hope it’s useful.

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