To prevent WhatsApp group members from sending messages

One of the advantages of having a WhatsApp group is that you can group phone numbers according to specific needs. By using this WhatsApp group, WhatsApp users can easily access and share informational messages without having to search for the phone contacts they want to send messages to. It can also prevent a phone contact from forgetting to send a message.

Though using WhatsApp groups is very helpful in spreading the information you need quickly. Even so, there are still many WhatsApp users who complain about using this WhatsApp group. Rather, this complaint is caused by the large number of messages sent by WhatsApp group members when information is sent to the group.

In fact, there are some members who send messages in response to this information. However, more and more members sent messages, the content of which was unrelated to the information. Of course, when you have this, the WhatsApp notification tone won’t stop on your device.

WhatsApp messaging features

But you know, the WhatsApp chat application also has a feature that prevents group members from sending messages in WhatsApp groups. This function is called the function of sending a message. This function of sending messages is hidden in the WhatsApp group settings, so there are still many WhatsApp users who do not yet know the existence of this function.

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By enabling this feature in the WhatsApp group, only group administrators can send messages, while group members can no longer send messages in the WhatsApp group.


1. First, make sure you are the WhatsApp group administrator. Just open the application and select the chat group on WhatsApp. Click the group name to open the group information. On the group information page, find and click the Group Settings menu.

How to prevent WhatsApp group members from sending messages

2. Click on the Send message function. Select Administrators only to specify that only administrators can send messages in the WhatsApp group. Select All Participants again to allow group members to post messages back to the WhatsApp group. Complete.

How to prevent WhatsApp group members from sending messages


In addition to reducing the notification sound for incoming WhatsApp messages, other benefits are most perceived from the fact that administrators are only able to send messages in WhatsApp groups. Of course, this makes the WhatsApp group clearer and only contains important information.

In addition, hoax messages from members of the WhatsApp group can be avoided. If a member of the WhatsApp group wants to share information with the group, they can first contact the group administrator to share that information with the group.

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