To open an application from Command Execution with your own command

execute order Is a function of the Windows operating system (Windows). This feature allows us to quickly access applications by using shortcut names or locations path-his. If you want to use it, you can just press Windows Key + R connections provided by Windows Originally Only in some applications, for example when we use the calc command, does the calculator application open.

Then the calculator application opens.

And in this tutorial you will be invited to explore further. What do you think if we use the following command to open Microsoft Word application, is it possible?

So, of course, the result is this.

Of course not, because in Windows systems the command is unknown, so we need to tell Windows that the command exists. How one? which is certainly not possible by being invited to talk or let off steam, yes. How to open an application from Command Run with your own command.


1. Find the saved Microsoft Word directory. Press Windows Key + S, and then type Word.

Then it will be directed to the location of the file from Microsoft Word.

2. Next copy (copy paste) the file in the folder C: Windows. Select Keep going when Windows asks for access Administrator.

3. Change the name connections originally”word“Become the name we want But no spaces.

4. Run tests by running the command in Command Run.

Tare … then the result of the Microsoft Word application will open.


You can also change any application command other than Microsoft Word so that it can be accessed from execute orderby following the steps above.

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