To install the ad box widget with the update feature

Today’s tutorial is for Display box widget with update function what I got from a well-known blogger site, namely arlinadesign. On this occasion I’ll show you how to install it Widget Display with Javascript which also aims to make your blog easier.

Working methods Widget This is like a Google Adsense advertising script, namely advertising banners are displayed alternately after youUpdate Website page.

Here is a guide on how to install an ad box widget with an update feature

1. Sign up Go to Blogger – Layout – Add Gadget – Html / JavaScript – paste the following code:

Remarks: If you want to add your ad box, just change the code var arldgzn_id = 3; Will var arldgzn_id = 5;

2. You also just need to change the words depending on what you want to appear on the website/your site.

if (arldgzn_place == 4) { url = "LINK TUJUAN"; alt = "DESKRIPSI IKLAN"; title = "JUDUL IKLAN"; banner = "BANNER IKLAN"; width = "300"; height = "250"; }

To change the size of the banner, please adjust the height and width broad= “300” and height = “250”; according to your individual needs.

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