To install applications with the .deb extension on Linux

Like other operating systems, Linux offers many interesting uses. When on window we know EXE, At Mac OS we know DMG, Linux has several application extensions that vary depending on the distribution used.

There are several application extensions on Linux, including: deb and rotational speed. Application extension rotational speed typically used by Linux derived distributions red hat, how Fedora and openSUSE. While applications with .deb extensions are usually used by derived Linux distributions Debian and Ubuntu. This time I’m going to do a step-by-step guide on how to do itTo install Linux application with the .deb extension using the terminal command.

1. Prepare the application you want To install. Make sure the application has a .deb extension. For this tutorial I used the sample app Birdie, a Twitter client for Linux.

Download birdie

2. Open a terminal, then navigate to the folder where you saved the Raw application. In this tutorial I saved the raw yardage application in the folder Downloads, then I use the command “CD Downloads

3. Run the command to perform the installation, namely the command “sudo dpkg -i application-name.debIn that case I would type the command: sudo dpkg i birdie_2.0.0-0-430-ubuntu14.04.1_amd64.deb. Then enter your password.

4. Wait a moment for the application to install. The duration of the installation process usually depends on the size of the application you are installing.

5. Now the applicationTo install on your linux.

Like, pretty young, right? If at any time you want to delete the application you To install, you can delete the application with a simple terminal command, namely: remove sudo apt Application Name, then hit Enter and enter your Linux password.

Remember, this method only works with Linux derived distributions Debian and Ubuntu. Besides, you can’t. Also, this tutorial only works for Linux applications with the .deb extension, it cannot be used toTo install Applications with the extensions .tar.gz or .rpm.


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