To enlarge Finder columns in Mac OS

MacBook and other Apple device users need to be familiar with Finder, an Apple feature used to find the location of documents or other files. Well, often when you store folders in a folder with a fairly long name.

You will surely get annoyed with the not-wide column, below is “How to Make the Finder Column Larger”. This will save you time and is guaranteed to amaze other iOS users.

Step 1. Open Finder

First, open your Finder and enable Column Mode, which is located on the third icon from the top left of the Finder. Or you can press the key combination cmd + 3.

Change finder size

Step 2. Find the Finder column that you want to change

  • After that, open one of the folders in your Finder that contains other derived folders

Step 3. Move the cursor mouse

  • When you’ve moved your mouse pointer over the dividing line between columns, wait for it to change to a left-right arrow.

Step 4. Press and hold the Option key

  • When it has turned into an arrow, hold down the Option key, then you can slide the cursors right and left to expand the column size to your liking. Or you can also use step number 4 by left clicking the mouse 2X.

Please note the resizing of your Finder Column as you try

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