To enable two-step verification for the Google account

With just one Google account, we can easily access different types of Google products for free. In addition, to maintain and guarantee the security of user data; Google has prepared several security functions. One of Google’s security features is the two-step verification feature

Two-step verification on Google

The two-step verification feature is one of the security features that chat and social media applications must have. At Google, the 2-step verification feature aims to notify users when their Google account is logged into another device. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Google Account holder; However, if not very dangerous, isn’t it? Especially if you have important files in your Google account.


1, Open the Google app on your Android phone and tap the icon profile which is located in the upper right corner of the main page of the Google application. When you’re done, tap Menu Manage your Google account. On the Google account page, find the menu. and select it safety. Scroll down the Security menu, find the Google Login column and tap Features Two-step confirmation.

2. On the two-step verification page, Google explains the benefits of the two-step verification feature. Scroll down the two-step confirmation page and select the button begin. Then enter your Google Account password and tap Next.

3. After that, each of your devices that have access to your Google account will receive orders from Google. Currently, the author’s personal device connected to Google account is the Realme C2. Selection button Keep going to proceed to enable two-step verification on your Google Account.

4. To predict whether your device will be lost or damaged, you need a backup option. First, make sure the phone number matches your active phone number. Then get the code from google. There are 2 ways to get the code from Google, namely through SMS or Call. Select an option and choose the button send.

5. After you have received the code, simply enter it in the column provided and select the button Next. Selection button activate to enable two-step verification for your Google Account.

6. Done when a device accesses your Google Account; then Google will automatically send a notification to your main device. Selection button Turn off to disable the two-step verification feature in your Google Account.


It’s not easy to turn on the two-step verification security on your Google Account. Now your Google account is better protected from irresponsible parties. Follow the simple steps above to enable two-step verification security for your other Google Accounts.

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