To enable the secure folder in the Files Go application

Do you have an application going for files? Did you know Files go has a new feature that is Secure folder. Confused where the menu is? How to activate the function Secure folder.

Smartphone not just a tool or device just used for making calls and sending messages. In addition, this handheld device has a number of functions. For example, like to play Games, take a photo or video to do a task surpass or word, to other needs related to our daily activities.

Finally, out of these many features, there is a lot of personal data concern like photo files and other data that is easy to hack. In addition, we are sometimes afraid that other users will see our personal data. To do this, Google has developed an application that answers our concerns. All of these uses are Files Go.

Files go

Files Go is a multifunctional application that was developed by Google some time ago. Maybe there are still many users Smartphone who don’t know how to use files go. Files go is very useful for those of you who are in need File managerIn addition, this application developed by Google also has a cleaning feature that allows you to delete files Cache or garbage that is turned on Smartphone She.

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In addition to this, this application is also equipped with a high speed file sharing function between Files Go users. Well, Google recently rounded out the features of Files Go by adding additional privacy features. The function is called safe folder. Like other security features safe folder In this way we can also save data and important documents as well as a pin function that ensures the confidentiality of every file you save. Unfortunately there are still many who are not familiar with this function. How to get features Secure folder This?

Video tutorials


1. Open the Play Store and find the Files Go app scroll Scroll down and find the beta tester menu. Join a beta tester and wait a while or reload then the app asks Update, straight to Tap Update.

Here's how to enable the secure folder in the Files Go application

2. If youUpdate Open the Files Go application directly, scroll back down then you will find a new menu namely Secure Folder or Secure folder.

For the first time, you will be prompted to create a new pin immediately. Remember not to forget the pin you created because Secure folder will no longer be able to open. To save a document or file, locate the file directly, and then Tap 3 points.

Here's how to enable the secure folder in the Files Go application

3. Finally, select the menu directly Move to safe folder, the file is automatically hidden and the “Safe Folder” menu opens.

Here's how to enable the secure folder in the Files Go application


The Files go application is certainly very easy to use for us, not to mention that the application is an application from the internet giant Google. In just one application, we can already use 3 advantages, namely data protection functions, junk file removers and also functions transfer High speed files.

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