To enable the double-tap screen on HP Realme

In the past, cell phones were only used as a means of communication like telephone and SMS. With the development of the era, the mobile phone has now changed its name to a smartphone. Today, smartphones are not only a means of communication, but also a supportive function at work.

Advanced technology is usually followed by a high price. However, this does not apply to Realme. Realme believes that advanced technology and promising performance don’t have to come at a high price. This puts Realme in 4th place in the list of the top 5 smartphone brands in Indonesia and promises Realme as the fastest growing mobile phone brand in Indonesia.

There are many advanced features in Realme phones that are not found in other cell phones. One of them is the double-tap feature to turn on the screen, or what is commonly known as screen-tap. Double tap to turn on the screen to activate or activate a screen that was previously turned off. The advantage of this feature is that the power button is not easily damaged because it seldom presses the power button.

If in Smartphone others have to download additional apps from the Playstore, but in Smartphone Realme is already installed. We just have to activate it. How do I activate this feature? Let’s follow some simple steps below.

1. Go to the menu ‘arrangement“On your Realme phone.

2. Find and select ‘Practical help‘.

3. Select ‘Move‘.

4. Select ‘Screen off gestures‘.

5. Finally, activate ‘Double tap to turn on the screen‘.

6. Now the double tap function so that the live screen is active on your Realme mobile phone.

7. In addition to double tapping, you can also activate the camera by drawing the letter O and open the flashlight by drawing the letter V.

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to set the double-tap screen on HP Realme’. Much luck.

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