To enable copy and paste in the command prompt

No matter how sophisticated the operating system is, it cannot be separated from the use of Command Prompt or often as a. are designated Command line or console on the Linux operating system. PC / laptop users who already have an advanced level in each operating system will definitely use this function according to their individual needs, be it to check the IP, the internet connection or to move files on a PC / laptop.

If you pay attention, few people may find out how to do it copy paste in the command prompt of a word processing program, for example Word or Notepad. Indeed, why do we have to, of course we do not know its usefulness and why it should be so. Usually the answer is someone who doesn’t understand the IT world.

Any commands run using CMD or Command Prompt could be your job or work, so why not? Screenshots only? Okay, but what if it asks for text instead of an image? For example, we need an IP address for us Copy directly in the word, or if we are controlling a computer and need the complete data, it would of course be better if we Copy writing versus doing Screenshots.


1. Click Browse Windows – type Command Prompt – click Command Prompt.

2. Right-click at the top of the CMD view or on its title – Click Properties.

3. Next, a message appears – Activate the check mark in the menu Quick edit mode.

4. Now you can Copy and Insert all of the text in the command prompt.

This is the tutorial on how to activate it copy paste in the command prompt. Hope it’s useful.

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