To create a double-tone effect on photos

What is the dual tone effect in the picture? The dual tone effect is a photo editing technique that adds two different colors to the left and right of a photo.

In this tutorial we explain how to effect dual volume simply on photos, with the app Lightroom.

For those of you who love to edit photos, or learn to edit photos and upload photos to social media applications like Instagram, Path, Pinterest, etc., you need to learn this method. Check out the following tutorials:

How to Create a Simple Dual Tone Effect

1. Make sure you already have Lightroom, if not please download and To install First

Download Lightroom Android

Download Lightroom iOS

2. Access the application and select a photo from the gallery to edit. Then select on the bright and the settings the effect is as below settings:

Exposure 0.74, contrast -15, highlights 16, shadows -6, white 11, black 7

This setting is not the default so you can customize it yourself.

3. Select in the menu selectively then Tap the plus symbol and choose Box icon or box.

4. Next block part of the left or right part is up to you Selection box then choose colour. The settings are as follows:

Temp -96, hue 0, saturation 100, color H: 230 S: 77

Do not forget Tap Check the top right when it’s done.

5. Do the same as for step number. 4 on the other half. Then the settings are as follows:

Temperature -17, Tint 87, Saturation 98 and Color H: 297 S: 48

6. To save, Tap then click on the 3-point menu in the upper right corner tap Save to device.

Complete. How to add a dual tone effect to a photo.

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