To create a blank name on LINE or no name

For users Smartphone Android and iOS in particular must already know what LINE is. LINE is an instant messenger that is widely used as a messaging or chat tool, as well as for WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger and other similar applications.

This LINE application has a wide variety of great features, so it is not surprising that so many people love this one application. Well, because of these various advantages, we on Google may often know that there are a lot of interesting tricks about LINE. Starting from free calls through LINE to bot LINE, tricks to get cool themes for free and much more.

Still over the trick on this occasion, we’ll try to create a ghost or an unnamed LINE ID. This means that we are making the display name blank or blank here. Perhaps many think that it is very simple.

Enough with a space, the name is empty, but in reality it is not. LINE requires that we fill in the characters in the display name from 1 to 20 characters. For those curious how to do it, please follow the method below.

Watch the video tutorial:


1. Download Ghost text via your preferred browser, for example Google Chrome.

Download ghost text

2. Find and open the ghost text that was previously over. downloaded File manager. then Copy all of the existing text.

3. Open the LINE Messenger app and go to profile select next Profile settings then select part Display name.

4th Delete existing display names then Insert-kan ghost text what was copied earlier. Don’t forget to delete the letters [x] then save. Go back to your profile and see the changes.

This is a great way to hide the identity of your name, but when your friends have itrename or mark your name on LINE in the contact list, your name will automatically not appear empty. How to create a blank name or no name on LINE.

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