To change the Smartfren modem password and restrict user users

Smartfren is a very fast growing supplier company in Indonesia and is even ready to compete with companies providers Miscellaneous. Some time ago smartfren made a new breakthrough by manufacturing a mifi modem device, the purpose of this mifi modem being to make it easier for users to access the internet quickly.

But what you also have to consider, usually if you have just bought this Mifi modem, password what’s in this modem wasn’t yetthe settings Alias ​​was not locked is still normal. This is very dangerous for you as other users around you can access your internet for free.

This time the author is going to share a tutorial on how to change Mifi Smartfren modem password and restrict its users.


1. Please first connect your smartfren Mifi modem to a PC or smartphone Smartphone She.

2. Next, open Browser or Google Chrome, You can use what you want. then please type in Url she with or

3. After you have filled in the URL from the second step earlier, you will later be redirected to the main page of the Smartfren Mifi modem. then please choose Sign up.

4. Next you fill in Username and passwordwell, if you don’t know what Username and passwordfrom your modem. Just do admin for Username and the password. then please select Sign up.

5. Next step you choose arrangement or settings on the Mifi modem.

6. Then select the next step WiFi settings, Here the author is going to explain it in more detail for you so that it is easy to understand.

The explanation:

Number 1 is the name of your Smartfren Mifi.

Number 2 is your Smartfren Mifi password.

Number 3 is your smartfren mifi user how much you want to restrict.

when everything wasthe settings then the next step you choose USE.

Remarks: This method applies to M2Y and M3Y Mifi modems.

This is a tutorial on how to change Smartfren modem password and restrict its users. Hope it’s useful.

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