To change the notification tone to LINE

Of course, the presence of a ringtone in an application’s notification can make it easier for users to find out which application is sending notifications to us. Not only as a message signal, the presence of ringtones can also be combined with various application utilities such as activity notifications, alarms, etc. In the settings (general) we can also change the notification tone according to our wishes.

As a form of implementing the notification sound feature in related applications, in this article we will try to change the default notification sound in the LINE application to our liking.


1. Open the LINE app, then go to the More page (represented by the three-dot logo). After you have accessed the More page, Select the gear logo (represents the Settings option) It’s in the upper right corner of the application page. Later we will be directed to the settings related to the LINE application.

2. To change the notification tone in the relevant application, on the settings page, Select notification option in the Basic Settings column.

3. In the notification settings Select the Message notifications option. Later we’ll get more advanced options for message notifications in general.

Remarks: If we want to change the notification sound for the OpenChat feature, then Select the OpenChat Activity option in the OpenChat field in the notification settings. Even if we want to change the notification tone of a custom notification (like To like and comments), then Select the Notification Settings option in the Timeline column in the notification settings. Follow-up steps apply as described in this article.

4. To change the notification tone, Select the ringtone option which is located at the bottom of the app settings. We can customize the notification sound to our own liking. If so, just set the sound you want as the notification sound for the LINE application.

This is the tutorial on how to change the notification sound on LINE. Hope it’s useful.

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