To change the LINE Messenger display mode on PC

You can’t just change the look or theme of LINE in Smartphone You, but in fact, LINE Messenger recently released a feature called Chat View Options or Chat display options (Language is better English-Yes, but you have to love Indonesian, please) which can change the view to a part (Single body) if you are bored with the previous standard display design or you can couple topics with friends. Haha.

Now for friends who want to try changing the look or design of LINE for PC, follow the tutorial below:

1. Download and To install LINE application on the computer.

Download LINE-PC

2. If youTo install Application, please open the application and the display will ask Sign up with the account you registered.

3. Please click on the button at the top left of the display, which will be replaced by a new one.

4. Then click Settings or settings inside the button.

5. When you finish the settings (settings), please click on Basic Settings or Basic to the left of your profile photo.

6. Then scroll down until you find the Chat View Options (Chat display options) and click on “A Section” or “Single body”Next to the previous display key to be replaced.

7. When you are finished, click the “OK” button when a warning to close LINE Messenger appears.

Then it’s done, your LINE Messenger appearance has changed or changed. Here is the comparison

Ad before replaced by Single body

Display after replacement by Single body

Important :

  1. The above features are only for users with Update LINE Messenger at least version 4.10.0.
  2. I’m sorry if there is a white censor from the author because it contains personal items. Haha, rather than blurry sensors. Much luck.

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