To change the application icon model on HP Realme

The rapid development of technology and various innovations in the world Smartphone This makes this device the most popular device for performing daily activities. Various activities can of course be carried out with the help Smartphones, whether it is productive or entertainment.

Also on Smartphones The latest version has a variety of interesting features embedded in it, of course. The variety of features available ranges from features that can make work easier to features that allow us to customize our HP devices to suit the style and desires of users.

This, of course, is aimed at the user Smartphone Do not get bored with the monotonous appearance of the device and adapt to the habits of its users when using an HP device.

In addition, the operating system used on the device Smartphone The latest version, which is Android 10, has many additional unique features. A guy Smartphone which already has the Android 10 operating system, namely Realme.

On the device Smartphone Realme is not only supported by Android 10, but is also equipped with a user interface (User interface) known as the Realme user interface. The existence of Realme UI makes the device look fresher, simpler and more dynamic, with additional unique features.

One of the features that can be tried out here is customizing the application icon model. For this reason, the author will take this opportunity to provide a tutorial on customizing the application icon model on a Realme phone. The steps for this can be seen as follows:


1. Switch on the device Smartphone She. In the next step, open the settings menu (as in the picture).

2. Then select the menu “Home screen & lock screen magazine” on the settings page.

3. After you have accessed the next page, scroll Picture down. Then select “Set Icon Style” on the Personalization tab.

4. In the symbol style settings there are 4 setting options.

Standard: The symbol style display is Presets, with a round symbol.

Material style: The shape of the icon model display is square.

5. Gravel: The icon model display is shaped like a box but has no sharp corners.

Special feature: The icon display model automatically uses the Art + icon model.

This is a tutorial on customizing the application icon model on a Realme phone. With this feature we can change the shape of the application icon contained in the application Smartphone we taste. Much luck.

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