To avoid lonely children, Kesha Ratuliu is stable at the birth of Caesar

LIMAPAGI – Kesha Ratuliu and husband Adhi Permana are expecting their first child. According to reports, Kesha Ratuliu is currently 26 weeks pregnant.

At the age of 26 weeks of pregnancy, Kesha Ratuliu had prepared various things before the birth train, of which Kesha Ratuliu decided to give birth by caesarean section.

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In a question-and-answer session on Instagram Stories, Kesha Ratuliu announced that she was determined to be born by caesarean section.

The question started when internet users asked about HPL or the estimated date of the baby’s birth. Then Kesha Ratuliu also replied that she was more inclined to have a caesarean section.

“38 Sundays I watch 18-24 if my caesarean section is 38 Sundays. I just really tend to have a caesarean section,” wrote Kesha Ratuliu on her Instagram.

Not without reason, because the 23-year-old woman would like to opt for a caesarean section. This is because the fetus in the womb is now known to be wrapped in the umbilical cord.

Kesha knows that this problem can still allow her to give birth normally, but Kesha no longer wants to take any chances.

“My son has an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but it can still come off,” he added.

It turned out that not only was the umbilical cord tangled, but Kesha Ratulius’ decision to have a c-section was that her child should not be born during the year-end vacation.

“With 39 weeks of HPL, the normal delivery from December 25th to May 1st is perfect for Christmas and New Years. I don’t want my son to invite friends or relatives on his birthday when he can’t because of the Christmas and New Year holidays. So I will probably just be Caesar, “wrote Kesha Ratuliu.

This reason made Kesha Ratuliu even more determined to opt for a caesarean section.

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Kesha Ratuliu does this to prevent her son from feeling lonely during his birthday party with his friends.

In another Instagram Stories upload, Kesha said that while this was a little trivial for internet users, she said she thought it over carefully.

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