To add the ability to pause applications

Technological development Smartphone runs so fast right now. In addition to support from increasingly powerful hardware and functions, many types of Android and IOS-based applications are currently also offered.

Application on Smartphone that currently exist also have various functions, from applications for productive activities, to entertainment, to editing. So there is nothing wrong with the function Smartphone at present it can be said that it can replace the function of computer equipment, if not entirely.

Pause app usage functions

With the increasing number of applications sent to Smartphones, Of course, we have to be smarter in using it. One of them is wise in length of use Smartphones. Use Smartphone too much, whether for social media or for gaming Games certainly has negative effects that we need to reduce.

In addition to being able to compromise eye health from excessive screen light, is the use of Smartphone too much can also affect our productivity. Hence, we tend to spend more time using Smartphone instead of doing productive things on a daily basis.

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When we have difficulty reducing the use of Smartphones, actually on Smartphone itself there is a function that can automatically stop frequently used applications. On this occasion, we will learn how to add the feature to stop application usage on the Internet Smartphone You.

For the record, maybe Step by step specified for each type Smartphone but not quite the same step which must not be too far removed from what is stated here.


1. Open the settings menu

2. From the Settings menu screen, select Digital Health and Parental Controls. Next, select the Dashboard menu from the menu display

How to add the function of pausing the application on the smartphone

3. In the dashboard menu, the usage time of your device is shown every day. The next step is to choose the application that you want to give Timer. So that later when the time timer the application is automatically paused for a day. set the time timer as you wish. When you click OK

How to add the function of pausing the application on the smartphone

4, As for the result, though timer the request has been exhausted, a notification will appear as shown in the picture. In addition, the notification icon is also dark, which means that the application will be paused for up to 1 day. Select the “Settings” menu if you want to change the pause function

How to add the function of pausing the application on the smartphone


This is a tutorial on adding the pause function to the application. This application can indirectly reduce the intensity of use Smartphone you by giving timer to applications that can affect your productivity. In addition, this application is also suitable for children who often spend time playing games Games At Smartphone belong to his parents. Hope it’s useful

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