To add odd-even routes to Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most important GPS-based map applications in one device Smartphones. The existence of this application allows us to find the target’s location when we don’t know the location. In addition, the Google Maps application can also help us determine the most effective and efficient route or travel route to a destination. So don’t be surprised if this application is the most widely used when driving a car, in addition to its usage, which is also believed to be easier (user friendly) compared to other GPS applications.

When we are traveling by car there are of course a lot of traffic rules that we have to obey. One of the regulations that is very popular in major cities in Indonesia is the odd-even rule. This regulation provides that the route of the vehicle is separated according to the license plate number of the vehicle, regardless of whether it has an odd or an even number.

Of course, for those of us who are still laypeople and do not understand which roads these rules apply to, it will be very difficult to determine the most suitable itinerary. The result can of course be a ticket for not following the existing odd-even rules.

But don’t worry, the function for setting odd and even routes is already available on Google Maps. For this reason, the author will take this opportunity to provide a tutorial on adding odd-even route settings on Google Maps Android. The steps can be seen as follows:


1. Switch on the device Smartphone and make sure the GPS setting is enabled Smartphone activated. Then open the Google Maps application.

2. After calling up the main menu in the form of a Google Maps map. Click on the “three lines” logo in the upper left corner.

3. Then a menu appears Pop up Side side. Scroll Page down and then click on the settings menu.

4. Then scroll Page down again and then click on the “Navigation Settings” menu.

5. In the menu after the navigation, one of them with a submenu “Route options”. There are four setting options in this submenu. Select the menu “Avoid straight-straight tickets”,

6. In the next step, save your license plate number. If your vehicle has an even number plate, select the “Even number plate” check box. The same applies to uneven license plates. When it’s set, click Save.

Hence the tutorial on adding odd-even route settings on Google Maps Android. With this feature, it can of course instruct us to follow a route that complies with applicable traffic rules. Hope it’s useful.

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