To add doodle shapes to photos on Android

activity editing now it’s very easy. Editing photos and videos is a lot of fun, especially in our free time. Well, in this article, Inwepo is going to provide one Tutorials how to add Doodle shape on photo only with Smartphone.

To do editing It takes a great deal of creativity to produce a good piece of work. other than that Skills and expertise in editing also one owned by a. have to be editor. However, in this modern era, it does not seem to be the case. With more and more sophisticated technology and time, even people who are not familiar with the world of editing can produce quite interesting works.

Capturing a beautiful moment in the form of photos is almost certainly done by everyone these days. But the name of the photo, in order to increase its uniqueness, must not be separated from the process editing. We can do a lot in editing to beautify the photos we take. For example, add a photo doodle. Well maybe you are curious how to do it or add it doodle in the photo with Smartphone? Just follow the steps below.

Video tutorials


1. Download and To install first the Doodle Shape application.

2. Then open the Doodle Shape application Tap the icon Gallery to add photos from the gallery. Next, enter the access authorization Tap enable.

3. Tap the icon shape or stickers and then choose the doodle shape according to the category you want.

4th Tap the icon Stick to add effects and also filters to photos.

5. Tap the icon 3 lines in the middle for setting contrast and also Brightness.

6th Tap the icon T to add text.

7th Tap the icon Rotation to rotate the photo, then Tap the download icon to save it in the gallery or Tap the icon share to share on social media.

Here is a guide on how to add it Doodle shapes on photos on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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