To add an animation to the Android status bar

Would like to Smartphone are you getting cuter? Come on, just customize it Status bar Smartphone Your Android with moving pictures (animation).

What are the advantages of Android? Yes, the advantages are the ease of use, numerous and free applications and the freedom to customize the content. So you can manipulate the appearance or the applications running in it as you wish. After many tips on how to beautify your appearance, now it’s time to try changing it up Status bar You will definitely be keee with moving pictures.

Status bar

Status bar or notification bar is one of the most important or important parts of the Smartphone. Why so? Because it shows information like hours, cell phone battery percentage, WiFi notifications, and other menu menus. Use almost every time Smartphone with whom you come in contact often Status bar which is at the top.

Customize the status bar

If you watch the model original from Status bar that exist in Smartphone is transparent, although sometimes it follows the color of the app you are about to open. Well, all of this can be made even more colorful or even cooler by moving your status bar.

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To make the display of the status bar HD attractive and moving, you need a name Custom color status bar. This application offers several menu options that change the appearance of Status bar you are even more attractive.

Video tutorials


1. Download and To install Color status bar application.

2. Then open the Color Status Bar app Tap on the menu Off (activation status) activate. Then you will be redirected to another menu Tap just let it happen.

How to add animation to the Android status bar

3. There are 5 menus that can make your status bar more attractive. For those of you who like gradient colors or combinations, try the menu right away History status bar then you just choose one and Tap Hire now.

How to add animation to the Android status bar

4. Then you can select the menu frame do Status bar With pictures silhouette. to frame and backgroundYou can customize it by yourself for the color.

How to add animation to the Android status bar

5. Most expected is animation. Well folks, carry on Tap the gif status bar. Then find a suitable template Tap Hire now. The animation will run automatically.

How to add animation to the Android status bar


Appearance Status bar The above application will make you even more unique. Aside from being simple, you can use it right out of the box without having to root and also exposed installer. Good luck friends !!

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