To add a typing effect to the Android keyboard

Appearance keyboard your android monotonous? Would you like something different but don’t know how? No cause for confusion, this time inwepo has prepared tips and tricks for adding effects beat At keyboard Your Android to be more fun to use.

As we know from the many operating systems that exist on smartphones or smartphones today, Android is the most widely used. Almost 80% of the world’s population is currently using Android. Yes, we really need Android in our daily needs, for example for learning, for searching for information, for creating videos or vlogs and much more. We are inseparable from the name Smartphonealthough not entirely an Android user, Android can still be relied on.

What are the basic things that make Android the most popular mobile phone? Yes, nothing else, because Android is it Open source, which means that we can freely tinker with the existing system and develop it further.

Keyboard functions

For Android users or other smartphones you are of course already familiar with the term keyboard or keyboard keyboard. Possible keyboard is one of the most important components in Smartphone. Like not, almost all jobs require keyboard. For example, typing or doing other work. Although sometimes not used keyboard even Smartphone can still work.

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keyboard Originally Smartphone, usually looks normal with no variation in it. Perhaps for those of us who are not too in touch with Smartphone just normal. But it is different when we refer to the name often keyboard must be very bored. Now that Android gives us the freedom to tweak the system in it, this time around Inwepo will be giving tips on adding effects beat At keyboard your android. Here is how.

Video tutorials


1. The first thing you need is the Facemoji keyboard app so download and To install first the Facemoji application keyboard.

2. Open the Facemoji application already installedTo install then Tap AGREE AND CONTINUE menu. Next, select number 1 which is tap to activate keyboard Facemoji.

How to add a typing effect on the Android keyboard

3. You will be taken to the Manage menu keyboard select directly and Facemoji. activate keyboard. Then go back to the home screen and choose number 2 Select keyboard Facemoji.

How to add a typing effect on the Android keyboard

4. If available Pop-ups what appears, just choose Facemoji keyboard. then Tap the icon Brush in the middle to go to the next menu.

How to add a typing effect on the Android keyboard

5. You will be directed to select a photo for background Theme from the keyboard if you have Tap NEXT. Then adjust keyboard You use the button menu, lens, font and also slide.

How to add a typing effect on the Android keyboard

6. Since we’re going to add a tap-tap effect, just select the Effects menu. There are so many effects that we can download and use. When you feel like everything is done Tap Save menu. Well, more or less the result will be like the picture below using the effect Tap Boom.

How to add a typing effect on the Android keyboard


How to add more or less a typing effect to your smartphone keyboard, of course the above trick will add to your excitement while using the keyboard. Apart from that, you can also make your own and make your own keyboard theme to make it more beautiful. Much luck !

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