Tired of playing MOBA? Try these 5 games to hone your creativity!

GridGames.ID – Sometimes it’s boring to play Battle Royale and MOBA games which are booming right now.

There are several games that can hone your creativity that can be downloaded on the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

These games are so easy to play, they can even be played by our younger siblings, you know.

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In terms of size, the memory of some of these games will also not take up space, aka make your cellphone memory narrow and slow.

Immediately, here are 5 games that can hone creativity.

1. Build a Bridge

Build a Bridge

Boombit Games

Build a Bridge

As the name implies, this game developed by BoomBit Games tells us to strengthen fragile bridges.

The gameplay in this game is perfect for those of you who like physics, because you are invited to build a bridge using materials arranged to strengthen the bridge.

You have to build it properly, if you misplace the materials, the bridge you make will not be strong and will easily collapse.


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