Tips to Meet Easy Opponents in Mobile Legends

Win a match in Mobile Legends certainly not an easy thing. Even pro player as Jess No Limit also often finds difficulties when playing.

One of the factors that makes it difficult to win is that the opponent you are facing is too good or compact. So that our team’s defense will be easy to beat.

Well, this time want to discuss tips to meet easy opponents in Mobile Legends. So, take a good look at what you want win streak!

Let’s Follow These Tips To Meet Easy Opponents in Ranked Mode!

1. Play at Certain Hours

Play at Certain Hours

Play at Certain Hours

Do you know the best Mobile Legends clock that you can use to meet easy opponents? Yep, those hours are morning and early morning.

Of course, in the morning many small children play before going to school. Well, you can take advantage of this moment to play Mobile Legends.

However, these hours also have problems, one of which is the team members who are also poor. To overcome this you can play with friends or squad members.

2. Change Country in Mobile Legends

Change Country

Change Country

As you know, if you use country Indonesia, usually will meet players who are difficult to beat.

Because average pro player in Indonesia will use our proud country. You can change the flag to meet player which is easier to beat.

3. Use a VPN

Using VPN

Using VPN

In addition to overcoming the annoying red ping, VPN You can also use it to deal with easy opponents.

But you have to know which country has player with a low level of ability. There are many VPN applications that you can use such as Turbo VPN, Speedify VPN, and others.

4. Ask the Friend Who Has the Lowest Division to Become Room Master

Tell Friends to Become Room Masters

Tell Friends to Become Room Masters

If you play with a friend or squad member, ask one of your friends who has the lowest division to be room master.

Because if room master have lower division, chances are you can meet opponents with low skills. Of course, if the opponent’s skill is lower, it is certain that they are easily defeated.

Well, those are some tips to meet your opponent easily when playing Ranked Mobile Legends. Do not forget share to your friends!

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