Tips for playing RRQ Xin’s Jungle Mobile Legends role

Tips for playing the Jungle Mobile Legends role in RRQ Xin. Known as the Mobile Legends 1.5.16 patch or the NEXT project patch, Moonton brings major changes to Mobile Legends.

There are many changes in this patch, but the only changes that Mobile Legends players must adapt to are changes to lanes with gold and EXP lanes.

The presence of this Gold and EXP lanes changes a lot in Mobile Legends. Start with teaming, use heroes and other gameplay.

The existence of this change also created a new role, the role of the jungle proposed by Moonton. You can read more about the role jungle in the previous article.

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Role Jungle Mobile Legends

However, many people may be confused by reading the explanation of this role. If you’re still confused, you can follow the tips for playing RRQ Xin’s jungle rolls uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Jungle roll tips from RRQ Xin

You’ll need to use retaliation spells to play the role of the jungle, so you can quickly farm in the jungle or buy jungle items. Here Xin uses Alucard as a hypercarry.

First, Xin first receives two buffs and clears the minion in the middle. Xin then rotated in the lower lane. “The roaming person is no longer a tank or supporter. The roaming person is a jungler,” Xin said in a video.

Don’t get too excited about the rotation. If you have a chance, you need to kill the turtle and ask one hero for help to speed it up. Watching Xin’s video, she doesn’t stay in one lane for long.

In addition to getting jungle creep, the main function of the jungle is that he also has to gamble, so this jungler role is very much required to play rotation.

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Here are some tips for playing the role of the jungle in RRQ Xin’s Mobile Legends. For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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