Tips for holding Community Gatherings and Vainglory Tournaments

How’s the Vainglory Gathering?

After the success of the official gathering from Super Evil Megacorp in Halcyon Gathering 2.0 which was held in Jakarta last May, the interest of Vainglory players in the area has increased. Moreover, the desire for similar gatherings is expected to be held in other regions in Indonesia. For mobileague friends who wish to hold a Vainglory tournament or gathering event, now you can get direct support from Super Evil Megacorp as a Vainglory game publisher.

Want to Hold a Vainglory Gathering Supported by Super Evil Megacorp?  Here are the Tips

Prepare the following for the gathering

What do you need to prepare to make a Vainglory event? let’s look at the following tips

  1. Form a competent and committed committee team. Divide the existing job desks and determine the PIC of each.
  2. From Mobileague itself, a gathering usually consists of the following 4 parts. The rest can be completed according to the needs of each event.
    a. Tournament (Starting from preparation of rules and match systems, participant registration, brackets and match schedule arrangements, referees and also technical meeting socialization)
    b. Event. If it is an on site gathering, the event team must prepare the course of the event (location, connection, seats, consumption, equipment and supplies as well as other documentation)
    c. Publication and digital asset team (All images, posters and other promotional materials are prepared by this team. Can also double as documentation)
    d. Team Multimedia (Live stream operator, Game Caster)
  3. Determine the details of the event, (date, place, funds to be issued, target visitors, etc.)
  4. Register by filling out the following form at least 2 weeks before the event starts. Or you can directly visit the Vainglory Indonesia fanpages.
  5. If mobileague friends want to get extra ICE prizes for additional prizes for your event gathering winners, you can follow the procedure at the following link:
  6. Post details of your tournament & gathering event on the Vainglory forum with the format
    Regions: [insert region]
    Registration links: [insert link]
    Registration Dates: [insert start – end of registration dates]
    Tournament Dates: [insert start – end of tournament dates]
    Where To View Matches: [insert stream URL]
    [Tournament description]
  7. Look for sponsors for additional prizes and organizing events, as well as for your tired expenses
  8. Make sure the event runs smoothly, both from the technical tournament to the running of the event. Include quizzes or fun mini games that can lighten the mood, of course there must be an MC who can bring the atmosphere.

You can also look at past Halcyon Gathering events to get information or inspiration, just click on:

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