Tips and tricks for using Gilly Bush FF! Fix Get Booyah!

Want to know tips and tricks for using Gilly Bush FF?

Are you a fan of the popular battle royale games these days?

One of the most popular battle royale games is Free Fire (FF), which is already in use around the world.

When playing battle royale games, you must pay attention to strategy, cooperation, and position.

How can I hide in an invisible position and suddenly attack an enemy?

Free Fire has tools to help you hide in the war.

One of them Gilly Bush, The best hidden item in this FF game.

Tips for using Gilly Bush FF

It is an item that is supported by many people as an item that hides the character.

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If it doesn’t move, it turns like a bush that is invisible to the enemy.

item Gilly Bush This is different from other battle royale game ghillies. Because it is actually in harmony with nature.

Keep in mind that this item is so good and useful that you can only put it inside Airdrop..

Don’t move too much

Please be careful if you have used this product. Separate HP If you do damage, it may be destroyed.

Therefore, to reduce it, you need to actually pretend to be a bush by not moving.

Move only when you need it and don’t pay too much attention.

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Don’t hide in the house

The usefulness of this item allows you to hide in a real open space.

If the enemy sees the bushes in the house, it’s a little weird, so you’ll lose!

Do not take off the Gilly bush carelessly

If you remove this item and drop it on the floor, the enemy may know your location.

The reason for that is Gilly Bush When removed, it shines brightly and can be seen from a distance.

Therefore, it is advisable to take it off or keep wearing it in a closed place to reduce it.

Well, that’s more or less a hint from us. Hopefully it helps!

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