Tips and Trick Rules of Survival: Know the Types of Rifles and Grenades

Get to know the Rifle and its complementary accessories in Rules of Survival

Rifle type weapons are deadly weapons, because the rifle is very flexible and deadly for close, medium and long distances. The Rifle is also the Survival’s Favorite weapon, almost most of the Survivors use the Rifle.

There are 4 kinds of Rifles in the Rules of Survival, namely: M14EBR RIFLE, M4A1 Rifle, AR15 Rifle, and AKM Rifle. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages.

M14EBR : This weapon you can get only from a drop supply, and you will not find it in buildings or houses, this M14 EBR has deadly damage, with high accuracy and stability making this weapon the deadliest weapon.

M4A1 : the shot is stable but less lethal, has 4 additional accessory slots, which can add stability and accuracy.

AR15 : has sharp accuracy and quite deadly damage, plus 3 additional accessories that can maximize its abilities.

AKM : AKM like AK 47 which has the deadliest damage among other Rifles, but its accuracy is less stable, and there are only 2 supporting accessory slots, namely Muzle and Magazine. More suitable if you want to ambush the enemy directly.

Now for Rifle type weapons, there are 3 accessories for the funnel, namely:

Silencer: almost eliminates/muffles gunshots
Compensator: reduce recoil and increase accuracy
Flash Hider: eliminates the effect of shooting light and reduces recoil slightly

In war, grenades can also be a weapon of choice when pressed

In battlegrounds, there are times when we need to use different tactics to survive such as using throwable items. Well, on RoS, there are 3 types of grenades that can be thrown, namely:

stun – a grenade that gives a stun effect
Frag – grenades to blow up enemies
Smoke – grenades to block enemy sight

So, those were some introductory tips from the war equipment that you can find in the RoS game, make sure you know when to use it in order to become the last survivor.

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