Timi Studios Collaborates with SNK to Create Metal Slug Code J

GridGames.ID – Metal Slug seems to be back from a coma thanks to the collaboration of SNK and Timi Studios.

They will both bring Metal Slug Code: J, a side-scrolling action game to iOS and Android platforms.

The trailer for the newly released Metal Slug Code: J video game shows a similar visual style to the previous games.

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Even though it has some locations that are slightly similar, the changes from the visuals or appearance rendered are completely different.

Obviously this is not a standard remake given by the developer.

Metal Slug is an action game that provides players with a scrolling run-and-gun action scene.

Metal SLug games were originally developed for Neo-Geo arcade machines and home consoles.

Metal Sllug has started his career providing shooting entertainment against enemies since 1996.


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