Timi and Tencent Create a Pokemon Collaboration MOBA Game Called Pokemon Unite

GridGames.ID – The surprising thing from the MOBA game scene is here, guys!

This time the Pokemon company from Japan and two big game companies from China, Timi and Tencent Studios, collaborated to create a MOBA game, Pokemon Unite.

The news was informed when Pokemon held a Livestream which took place at the Pokemon Present event on its official Youtube channel.

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Pokemon party said, this game can be enjoyed by anyone easily.

Currently, they will be launching it for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android platforms.


Like its neighboring MOBA game, Two teams of five people will face off in real-time battles.

Uniquely, the goal of the match is to catch as many pokemon as possible within the specified time limit.

Catching Pokemon will earn you points, and whoever has the highest score at the end of the round, will be declared the winner.

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