Three Best Character and Pet Combinations at Freefire May 2022

Three Best Character and Pet Combinations at Free Fire in May 2022

All Free Fire characters and pets have the ability to directly influence the user’s gameplay.

You can match a character with a specific pet. Being better than enemy characters in Free Fire.

You need to match your character with the right pet so that they can maximize their abilities together.

Now, at SPIN Esport, we’ll talk about the best characters and pets for couples to use. We will discuss it soon!

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Three of the best character and pet combinations in Freefire

Jota and Panda Detective

Jota has a unique ability called “Sustained Raids” that gives you up to 40 HP for each kill with an upgraded SMG or shotgun.

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The panda gives an additional 7 HP each time Jota kills. Panda abilities indirectly improve Jota’s abilities.

This combination is perfect for aggressive types of players as it allows you to play the bar first without the need for a very large number of med kits.

Capella and Ottero

On the other hand, Capella has a unique ability called “Healing Song” that increases the effect of healing items by 20%, and Ottero’s “Double Braver” ability gives players a small amount of EP after using medical equipment and healing guns. Give

Therefore, double braver enhances the effectiveness of the capella. Of course, this is very useful when playing as a team.

This combination improves the endurance of the team and is very suitable for use as a support in the game.

A124 and turf

The A124 has a unique ability called the “Thrill of Battle” that instantly converts EPs to HP, and the turf’s “Mushroom Sense” ability tells you the closest mushroom position every 180 seconds.

Consuming mushrooms gives you more EPs that you can quickly convert to HP when you later use the A124’s abilities.

Of course, this is very helpful for the A124 to fight quickly, so you can do a very short HP recovery without the need for a Medkit.

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