Thorough explanation of the meaning of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Thorough explanation of the meaning of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Like most MOBA games, Mobile Legends has many terms that players playing Mobile Legends can understand.

Mobile Legends games have the same terms as other MOBA games, such as side lanes, cores, supports, and tanks. There are also terms that characterize Mobile Legends games.

One example is the term hyper carry, which was popular in 2022 as it was used in yesterday’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MPL) Indonesia Season 5.

RRQ Shin, MPL Season 6
Via photo: MPL Indonesia

On this occasion, SPIN Esports will elaborate on the meaning of the term hypercarry in Mobile Legends for those who do not understand HyperCarry or do not yet know the term.

Hyper Carry is a strategy or META focused on one hero who will be the main damage dealer in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Commonly used heroes as hypercarries are marksmen or assassins.

Focusing on one hero, start with buffs (blue and red) and jungle, focus on this one hero and get gold quickly and quickly complete the items you need for this hero ..

So what are the roles of the remaining four heroes? There are usually two heroes covering the hypercarry: the tank and the support. Side lanes are filled with one hero in each lane that acts as an off-flaner.

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Onic Sands CW
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The META Hyper Carry Off-Frenner task must survive as long as possible early in the game and only if you can get the towers up and down. The Hyper Carry spins into the upper and lower lanes with the other two heroes (tank and support).

Usually, both tanks and supports buy roaming items so that gold and experience can be focused on the hypercarry. The danger of this strategy is that if Hypercarry fails early in the game, it is very likely to lose.

And if the Hyper Carry is kidnapped in the middle or late stages, it is very likely that the team that lost the Hyper Carry will be defeated during the war and soon become a GG push.

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That’s what Hyper Carry means in Mobile Legends. Hope Spinners Understand! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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